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My Favorite ARK Therapeutic Tools & Resources

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to do a quick post on ARK Therapeutic Services' tools and resources, particularly those that I consider to be my favorites. These tools are great for orofacial myologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and caregivers that want to incorporate helpful sensory tools for their patients' and/or children's needs.

My Favorite ARK Therapeutic Resources & Tools


ARK's Z-Vibe and related tips function well as an oral motor and sensory tool. Use this tool to normalize oral sensitivities and decrease oral aversions. You can adapt it using various tips suited for an individual's specific needs. The vibration generated by the Z-Vibe is a nice option, but know it may not be appropriate for every person. I really like using this tool to target reducing a person's gag or hypersensitivity of the tongue.


This sensory tool can function as a viable alternative for finger sucking or nail-biting. The texture options on Y-Chews offer different sensory feedback for chewing. It is set up purposefully so that each side of the tool can reach the back molars. You can also use a Y-Chew to work on developing better jaw function and improving chewing overall. ARK Therapeutic also offers Y-Chews in varying firmness to build upon chewing skills in a structured manner.


Some individuals simply need access to something to chew or mouth. If not, they will end up putting their hands or fingers in their mouth instead. Chewelry can help people transition towards more age-appropriate behavior and are less likely to be misplaced as they are wearable. These sensory tools come in various sizes, toughness, and textures.


There are a ton of bottle and cup options out there, but this is definitely one of the better ones. However, you can make your own bear bottle at home using a honey-bear container and plumbers' or PVC tubing. With this being said, this type of bottle is helpful because it is squeezable which helps to better manage the flow of liquid. Also, you can cut down the tubing to make it appropriate for the specific individual using it. Also, the lip block provided with the bottle helps to deter a person from using his/her teeth to assist in bottle drinking. Drinking from a straw should primarily be done using a strong lip seal and a sucking motion.

These are just some of the great therapy tools provided by ARK Therapeutic Services. You can check out all their resources using my affiliate link by clicking here. Personally, these tools have changed how I practice speech-language pathology, especially relative to targeting sensory and feeding needs.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this read, you can also check out my recommendations for some effective YouTube learning videos at 10 Great YouTube Videos for Early Learning. Also, you can follow me on social media on Instagram and my Facebook page.

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