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10 Great Toys that Support Learning

Hello, everyone! I wanted to share some recommendations for toys that help support learning. As a practicing speech-language pathologist, I strive to incorporate activities that readily engage children in play and encourage language use. This list is by no means all-encompassing and not every child will want to play with each one of these toys. However, I'm confident that you can find at least 1 toy in the list below that your child will enjoy.

Check out these Great Toys that Support Learning:

Candy Land™

This classic game from my childhood is a staple in my therapy sessions. A wide age range of individuals can play this game and it is great for practicing turn-taking. Also, Candy Land™ helped me to learn to lose and attempt to lose gracefully. As such, other children can learn to lose by playing Candy Land™ as well. With that being said, this may be easier said than done, ha. Candy Land™ also has recurring key language concepts including numbers, foods, and colors. You can also use the game to work on structured sentence production by describing whatever card you draw (i.e., I got 2 blues). You can look into the game more by clicking here.

Sorting Crayons

The sorting crayons from Learning Resources are wonderful for working on colors, sorting and organizing, and labeling varied things (including foods and animals). I've found that the children I work with are almost universally interested in playing with these crayons and often want to play with them regularly. I recommend these to anybody looking for a great vehicle for learning. If you want to check out sorting crayons and other great resources from Learning Resources, use my affiliate link by clicking here.


This seek-and-find memory game readily incorporates concepts including shapes, colors, things, and sizes. Seek-a-Boo!™ is a unique take on structured therapy that in my experience helps kids to be more actively engaged in structured language learning. You can also change up the game by hiding the cards over a wider area or turning off the lights and using flashlights to find the 'hidden' cards. If you're interested in this game, you can buy it here.