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10 Great YouTube Videos for Early Learning

Hello, everyone!

Let’s be real. No one can be on all the time when it comes to caring for a child. Everyone benefits from a little ‘me time’ and deserves some time for decompression and relaxation. However, when it comes to ‘tablet time’, I think it is important to still maximize learning opportunities for children. One of the most common places children go to for media is YouTube. I’ve seen this firsthand any time I incorporate an application from an iPad in a therapy session. Every child asks where they can find YouTube, ha. Because of this, I thought it would be a great idea to share 10 YouTube videos that actually promote early learning in children.

Check Out These Great Early Learning YouTube Videos:

This is just one of a large number of videos put together by Mister Teach on his YouTube channel. He also provides video quizzes on other everyday sounds including household and vehicle sounds. Use these fun guessing games to work on auditory awareness and memory along with labeling as all sounds are typically partnered with related images.

I’m sure every parent and provider that treats children has heard of Cocomelon, but in an effort of full disclosure, it is relatively new to me. With that being said, Cocomelon offers up a rendition of many popular nursery rhymes. One I’ve been using recently is Wheels on the Bus. It’s a great video to encourage gesturing along with music and general physical activity.

Although it doesn’t bear the best title, this video by English Singsing is great for going over the major body parts a child needs to know. Knowing the names of one’s body parts helps to increase his/her awareness of self in the world. It is also a great tool for developing general, key vocabulary.

Although this video is developed with a particular focus on modeling signing of the letters of the alphabet, it also provides each letter and an example of a word that starts with each letter (i.e., A is for Apple). Additionally, it is worth noting that generally very young children are capable of learning and using signs/gestures before they can generate full words verbally. As such, this is a great resource for exposing children to the alphabet in a slightly different, but still engaging manner. Jack Hartmann’s channel is full of additional educational, musical videos that are geared towards child development and learning.

Many YouTube channels put together compilations of videos that all revolve around a certain topic. Our Favorite Numbers Songs by Super Simple Songs is no exception. However, it does provide various ways in which to teach counting to children in a fun and engaging manner, while also addressing other important aspects of language learning in the process. Check out more videos by Super Simple Songs here.

Emotions can be challenging for anyone and this includes children. This video from Netflix Jr. addresses some of the common emotions in childhood and strives to help children understand their feelings a little bit better. This may be a good video to talk about after to further elaborate upon the feelings/emotions discussed in the video. You can check out the full playlist of StoryBots Super Songs episodes here.

Colors are a basic concept that help to increase a child’s overall vocabulary and increase a child’s capacity to produce longer phrases. ELF Learning’s simple video is one option for working on colors. Check out other videos from ELF Learning here.

This song about shapes provides various representations of shapes to reinforce the concepts throughout the video. The Singing Walrus offers up other learning opportunities on its YouTube channel through various songs that all have a bit of a Beatles’ vibe going on. Knowing shapes helps children to develop their ability to more effectively describe things around them.

This simple video incorporates repetition and child involvement to help children retain the presented information regarding daily activities. Giving children the names for everyday activities can help to facilitate basic communication and lessen unnecessary frustration. Fun Kids English provides other educational videos which can be accessed here.

Highlights Kids offers seek and find activities with everyday items that help to work on labeling and identification skills in a different way. Additional seek and find activities can be found on Highlights Kids’ YouTube channel. These activities are also a great opportunity to incorporate ‘I Spy’ verbiage (i.e., ‘I spy with my little eye something yellow’) to work on identifying items in yet another way along with working on producing longer phrases.

Now, these are by no means the only YouTube videos that benefit early learning in children. After all, there are literally billions of videos on YouTube, and videos are being uploaded constantly. I simply hope that you’ll give at least one of these great early learning videos a try and see how it may help you in targeting early language development and learning.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you enjoyed this post, you may also enjoy 10 Great Free Online Reading Resources for Children. You can also check out my Instagram or Facebook page, and don’t forget to keep on learning.

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